Sarah Beth Keeley

2Calgary Recording Artist Sarah Beth Keeley has constantly evolved as an artist fully immersed in her love of music, with the ability to increasingly bring her song writing to fruition, she performs with a voice that puts her in a special place amongst artists in the country genre. SBK is no musical novice, having spent the last decade working on her craft as a vocalist, songwriter and performer. Sarah sends a signal about her satisfaction in knowing she has ‘done her time’ in preparing for a new leap forward in her musical story. Could that be a cue?

Such positive messages continue to infuse into the high energy live performance. This COUNTRY ROCKER also penned 7 of the songs including the title track “REACH”. It’s a work that showcase’s the Reinvented Keeley as an artist with a unique perspective on country music with a driving rock edge. The result is an album which her song writing skills and fiery vocal are properly framed in instrumental and production work of the highest grade. Produced by Kevin Lato & Mixed by Brian Malouf, a powerhouse team in their own right.


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